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Das Ich, This Thursday, DC May. 19th, 2009 @ 10:29 pm
Short notice, but Das Ich is playing D.C. on Thursday. Of all the performances I saw at the Kinetik Festival, they were my favorite. I was considering going up to Philadelphia on Saturday night for Dracula's Ball to see them, but this is much closer.

Das Ich, Soil & Eclipse w/ Red This Ever

Club LIV
2001 11th St, NW Washington DC
18+ - $17 in advance / $20 at door
Doors 9:00 pm

I prefer Tea over Coffee Apr. 15th, 2009 @ 05:27 pm
Paul Krugman: Tea Parties Forever

American Tea Party:

more videos, more on taxes and budgetsCollapse )
Current Mood: fiscally conservative
Current Music: "Justified Homicide", Snog

This seems about right... Apr. 6th, 2009 @ 02:18 pm
Logical Intuitive Extrovert

Caustic, 4/5, DC Apr. 3rd, 2009 @ 12:30 pm

4/5/2009 8:00 PM at Recessions (18+ SHOW!)
, Washington DC, Washington DC
Cost: TBA

SPELLBOUND presents THE AIN’T IT DEAD YET TOUR 2009 w/ Prometheus Burning, Caustic, and The Gothsicles with SPECIAL GUESTS THE DARK CLAN and XUBERX!!
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When libertarians do something useful... Apr. 2nd, 2009 @ 02:31 pm
Reason magazine needs to stop printing things I think are cool, like this Chart about Legal Immigration. I have the same mixed feelings about CATO's Botched Paramilitary Police Raids.
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» City From Below and the Bmore Fair
CITY FROM BELOW | Friday March 27th - Sunday March 29th
Baltimore, MD

For all urban and non-urban dwellers...well just about everyone, the end of this month will be bringing us the City from Below conference! Red Emma's , the 2640 space , the Indypendent reader , Baltimore Development Cooperative, Camp Baltimore, and the Campaign for a better Baltimore have teamed up to bring together a gathering of activists, artists and intellectuals from here and abroad to reexamine and redefine our cities from below.

The City from Below seeks to provide a space where theory and practice can be kneaded together, with an understanding that the urban terrain is now an indispensable part of all struggles for social justice and change. This conference is committed to a horizontal framework, ie. where participation is key and the dichotomy of presenter and audience is blurred.

Consisting of three days of panels, workshops, discussions and presentations by a very long and exciting list of groups and people, (viewable here: http://cityfrombelow.org ) , the City from Below hopes to set or fuel the motion of movement(s) for social justice.

more detailsCollapse )

Also coming up is the B'More Fair

Following up on their historic victory to secure a living wage for the day-laborers who clean the Camden Yards baseball stadium, the UW is taking on Baltimore's Inner Harbor next. In many ways the template for corporate-driven, tourist-focused, city-center urban renewal in North America, the Inner Harbor provides very little to the city itself besides low-paying, precarious service work. The United Workers are specifically addressing their organizing towards this problem, but with an eye towards facilitating larger processes and networks of community mobilization - the Inner Harbor, before it's current incarnation, used to host the "City Fair," bringing all the neighborhoods of Baltimore together for a weekend of celebration. With the B'MORE FAIR this April 18th, the United Workers, in conjunction with a very large group of allied organizations, is proposing to reappropriate this civic tradition in the name of community and social justice.

More details at http://b-morefair.blogspot.com/
» Titivillating
titivillating: adjective. to be amused by rhetorical errors; particularly copyist's mistakes or typographical errors. Also, a euphemism for amusement concerning a poor spelling, punctuation, or grammar, such as accidentally typing a homophone. Someone who enjoys being titivillated will also likely enjoy puns and double entendres.

Etymology: Latin titillatus, past participle of titillare; and Latin Titivillus, patron demon of scribes.
Year: 2009
» Mono No Aware , The Azoic, 3/19

» Depeche Mode

Playing DC on July 28th, 2009.
» Montreal in May
I've already ordered the tickets for Festival Kinetik, but I also just learned that just like last year, the best industrial/noise festival in North America is also the same weekend in the same city as the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair (May 16-17, 2009).

I was a bit disappointed in the bookfair last year. The talks I went to were fine, but there weren't a lot of panels in which I was interested. However, it is always good to visit with the comrades from Quebec.

Next thing to figure out is where I'm staying. Since mylksnake is also coming, were are probably going to choose a hotel. Last year, we stayed at the Chinatown Holiday Inn, but we got a smoking room (which neither of us do) and didn't really like the place--though it was the only hotel downtown that UNITE HERE has organized.

UNITE HERE is a small player in Montreal--the real labor force in that sector is 70-year old Federation du Commerce Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux (FC-CSN). My long time comrade Nicholas Phebus wrote a good summary of their organization and mobilization during strikes in 2005: "Unity Makes Strength: Quebec Hotel Workers Mobilize and Win!" (in English). He also tells me that another good history of the CSN struggles in the Quebecois hotels which could be read is a text by Jean-Marc Piotte that was just published in the À Babord magasine: Les victoires des employéEs de l’hôtellerie québécoise" (in French).

List of FC-CSN Hotels in MontrealCollapse )

Also, I'm looking for someone to help me exchange a few letters with some folks in the FC-CSN, so if you you can translate written English to French--I could use a hand. Farther down the road, I'm looking for someone who would be up for doing oral translation of French to English and French to Spanish in Baltimore and DC for a couple of hours sometime in the indefinite future.

I should update my google map of Montreal.

I need to remember to take pictures this year, like I did in 2007. I'm regretting not having a camera when I went to Kahnawake.
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