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Hilton Crystal City Picket Line, June 20, 7PM - Unbinding Prometheus

About Hilton Crystal City Picket Line, June 20, 7PM

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Saturday June 20th, 7-9pm

2399 Jefferson Davis Hwy (Route 1), Arlington, VA 22202


Workers at the Hilton Crystal City in Northern Virginia have been on the forefront of the struggle to reshape the hospitality industry. By winning the first ever union contract for hotel workers in Northern Virginia, they took a stand for respect, dignity and equality. Over the past twelve years, workers have won safer workloads, higher wages, excellent benefits and a pension – dramatic victories that paved the way for other Northern Virginia hotel workers. Today five hotel in NoVA are unionized and more are under organization.

In 2007, the Hilton Crystal City was bought by Colombia Sussex Corporation. This Kentucky based hotel owner and operator entered into contract negotiations insisting that the workers turn back the clock. Here is some of what the CSX Hotel bosses demanded:

* Eliminate workers’ pensions
* Eliminate sick days
* Eliminate seniority rights
* Raise employee co-pays for Dental, Optical, and Health Insurance
* Increase housekeeper workload
* Eliminate positions
* Force workers to do more than one job at a time
* The right to hire outside contractors to replace workers at any time

Since October 2007, workers at the Hilton Crystal City have been working without a contract.

In April of 2008 workers voted by a margin of 85% to declare a boycott of their own hotel until Columbia Sussex is ready to sign a fair contract.

Frustrated to not get their way in bargaining, this May Columbia Sussex unilaterally declared impasse and implemented their contract without the agreement of the workers.

Workers at the Hilton Crystal City continue to fight back!

On June 20th join workers at a picket line to celebrate the one year anniversary of the boycott and to show Columbia Sussex that we will not turn back the clock on workers' rights in Northern Virginia.

What: Picket Line

Where: Hilton Crystal City

2399 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202

When: Saturday June 20th, 7-9pm

METRO: Yellow/Blue Crystal City Stop
For more info call: 703.838.3605

Note: If you are taking the metro, meet up with members from DC Jobs with Justice at 6:45pm at the Crystal City metro (blue/yellow stop) to walk over together.

There will also be a picket at the Baltimore City Center Sheraton on June 26, 4:30 PM, 101 West Fayette Street.
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Date:June 18th, 2009 07:37 am (UTC)

not missing the point (i promise)

damn, that is one nice flier.
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